Network Information

A Multi-Homed Canadian Network
Tier 1 Transit Providers: Hurricane Electric, Arelion (formerly Telia).
DDoS Mitigation Transit (Tier 1): NTT, GTT, Arelion.
Internet Exchange Peering: QIX: Live, TORIX: Coming Soon, OGIX: Coming Soon.

Open Peering
We offer an open peering policy, at any of our locations. For more information please contact us.

Private Peering
We are also present in the following locations, and open to private peering.

  • 151 Front Street West (Coloware Toronto),
  • PureColo Ottawa,
  • Cologix VAN5,
  • Telehouse NY*,
  • Fiberhub LV*
  • KCIX
  • Sydney, AU (Equinix)

Traffic Engineering via BGP Communities
We operate multiple BGP communities for traffic engineering as follows:

1002:50 Route Prefix over DDoS Mitigation Network
1002:60 Do Not Announce to QIX
1002:61 Do Not Announce to Hurricane Electric
1002:62 Do Not Announce to Arelion (Telia)
1002:66 Blackhole Prefix
1002:99 Do Not Announce to VHNET